About HOPA Membership

HOPA (Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association) is a professional organization dedicated to supporting hematology/oncology pharmacy practitioners in optimizing cancer patient care.

Member Benefits

    • Gain access to unique networking opportunities, including the HOPA Annual Conference
    • Voice and share concerns about oncology pharmacy issues with their colleagues
    • Help develop and advocate best practice standards
    • Participate in ACPE-accredited educational programs and activities
    • Take advantage of members-only content and the job postings section on HOPA’s website
    • Participate in training and mentoring programs for members
    • Become eligible to apply for HOPA research grants
    • Receive publications (e.g., newsletters, practice standards)
    • Receive and participate in the HOPA listserv
    • Receive discount registration for the HOPA Annual Conference
    • Serve with your colleagues on HOPA committees
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