Volunteer Opportunities

HOPA is looking for well-qualified individuals with expertise in biosimilar drugs. The intent of this call for volunteers is to create a list of individuals with expertise in this area. As items related to this topic are brought up, HOPA expects to be able to quickly identify individuals able to formulate a response or path forward. Some of these items may be regulatory and legislative in nature while others may be scientific and practice related.


  • HOPA member in good standing
  • 5+ years of expertise and knowledge related to biosimilars
  • General knowledge about HOPA’s strategic plan and priorities
  • Ability to attend calls and meetings
  • Ability to meet deadlines

Note: Volunteers will be contacted when HOPA receives specific requests.

HOPA is looking for contributors to the newsletter.


  • HOPA member in good standing

Note: Volunteers will be contacted when HOPA receives specific requests.

The HOPA Research Grant Reviewers Committee is seeking volunteer grant reviewers to assist with reviewing full grant proposals for this year's HOPA Research Grant. If selected you will be asked to review at least one grant in a topic area of your expertise.

Eligibility to serve: HOPA members with experience in peer reviewing grants.

Interested applicants are asked to submit their interest in the VAC as well as complete a short survey. Click HERE to access the survey.

HOPA is looking for a well-qualified individual interested in serving as a liaison for HOPA with a workgroup in the Pharmacy Health Information Technology (HIT) Collaborative. We are looking for a HOPA member who has the expertise to represent HOPA’s views, in addition to experience with health information technology.

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative was established with a primary focus of effective medication use through electronic health records (EHR), and to assure the pharmacist’s role of providing patient-care services that are integrated into the National HIT interoperable framework. There are currently 4 work groups (WG) focusing on various aspects to support the Collaborative’s objectives.

The mission of the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative’s WG is to support the technical work of the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative and improve the coding infrastructure necessary to support billing and documentation for pharmacist-provided patient care services.

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative WG-4 (Pharmacist EHR) liaison is responsible for working with HL7 and NCPDP to evaluate and recommend changes to EHR functional profiles specific to community (ambulatory), long term post-acute care, and hospital pharmacy practice settings; electronic structured documents (C-CDA); work on guidance documents to educate pharmacists on the value of their system vendors in adopting pharmacist EHR and Health IT certification to accomplish interoperability; work with quality development organizations (e.g. PQA, NQF, NCQA) in electronic standardization for the impact of pharmacists’ clinical interventions and medication use information in EHRs for quality reporting and analytics (evaluate and predict).



  • HOPA member in good standing
  • Expertise and knowledge related to the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative
  • General knowledge about HOPA’s strategic plan and priorities
  • Adhere to HOPA’s External Liaison Roles and Responsibilities and External Involvement Guidelines
  • Ability to inform the HOPA Board of external organization activities via External Liaison Report, submitted after each meeting/conference attended, and periodically, within the required timeframe
  • Ability to speak about HOPA and represent the organization in a professional setting
  • Ability to attend planning calls and meetings
  • Commit to 2 hours/month (attending 1 hour WG conference calls every other week)
  • Ability to meet deadlines as specified by the Board and the external organization

Brief project background: USP has released a proposed rule for General Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding - Sterile Preparations. HOPA is looking for up to 5 members with safe handling and clean room management experience or responsibility to advise HOPA on the impact of these changes.

Member Experience/Background Needed: Extensive experience (10-20 years) with Safe Handling and clean room management or responsibility

Timeframe of Project: Must review proposed changes, participate in several conference calls and help to write comments, project ends at the end of November

Output/Work Product Expectations: Review USP <797> proposed rule and advise HOPA of impact to pharmacists (and ultimately patients), write comments on the proposed rules to be submitted to USP