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Test Writing Basics



Paul Hutson, PharmD BCOP

Professor of Pharmacy Practice at University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy


Paul Hutson is a Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy in Madison. He practices pharmacy with the oncology and palliative care teams at the UW Hospital and Clinics and is an Associate Member of the UW Carbone Cancer Center. He was the Principal Investigator for the recent Phase I dose escalation and pharmacokinetic study of psilocybin in healthy adults performed at the UW, and is a co-investigator for the Phase III study of MDMA for PTSD. His course offerings at the UW School of Pharmacy are Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Pediatric Pharmacotherapy, Appropriate use of Drugs of Abuse, and Oncology.

Professor Hutson has served as the Chair of two Data Monitoring Committees overseeing two NIH RO1-funded clinical studies, and currently serves as a member of the UW ICTR DMC. He served for 20 years on the UW GCRC/ICTR protocol scientific review committee, and for 12 years on the UWCCC Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee.

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Statement of Need/Activity Purpose

This webinar will address basic considerations appropriate for the construction of test questions for classroom and webinar contexts, and will briefly discuss differences with credentialing examinations. The idea of a Test Blueprint will be introduced, as well as a comparison of the Test Blueprint vs Learning Objectives. Examples of how questions can include the hierarchical components of the Bloom's taxonomy are given, as well as guidance on how to avoid some common mistakes when writing multiple choice questions. In addition, examples of item analyses of good and poor test items will be presented and discussed to illustrate how these tools can be used to retrospectively improve the reliability and validity of tests.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the nature and purpose of a Test Blueprint
  • Contrast the differences between Learning Objectives and a Test Blueprint
  • Describe the levels of Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Describe common mistakes made in preparing multiple choice examination questions
  • Describe how to interpret and respond to item analysis of questions
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