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ACPE Webinar Series (2019)

ACPE Webinar Series (2019)

ACPE Webinar Series (2019)

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ACPE Webinars


HOPA provides ACPE webinars as additional educational offerings to its members as well as nonmembers as a means to further their knowledge in current topics of interest to the hematology/oncology practitioner. The goal of these educational webinars is to help close practice gaps in knowledge while providing valuable continuing education credit. Each of these webinars will be hosted live at the times listed below. For those unable to attend, you will be able to access them at on demand in My Education Library.


2019 ACPE Webinars

Below are a list of all 2019 ACPE webinars. This year, these 4 webinars can be purchased individually or together as a part of a bundle.


2019 ACPE Webinar Bundle Registration Fees

HOPA Member – $70

Nonmember – $150



ACPE Webinar 1

Investigational Drug Service: Maintaining Consistency in a Dynamic Field


In an environment where pharmaceutical companies and their investigational products are expected to change frequently, Investigational Pharmacies  should prepare to manage change efficiently. In this webinar, Supervisor of the Investigational Drug Service at Oregon Health and Science University, Dr. Krista Wolf, will discuss strategies to maintain standard practices in an evolving system. Attendees can expect to learn how to effectively manage change in order to achieve consistency and success in a changing environment.



ACPE Webinar 2

To Approve or Not to Approve: Antineoplastic Formulary Considerations


Knowledge of the drug approvals process for antineoplastic agents is beneficial to practitioners in delivering cutting edge treatment to cancer patients. In this webinar, Dr. Dina Benani and Dr. Celia Proctor, both affiliated with the Johns Hopkins Health System, provide insight into the drug approval processes for oncology medications within a health system while considering the economic and clinical factors and comparing the drug approval process for antineoplastic generic and biosimilar agents. Attendees can expect to gain an awareness of the drug approval process and understand approaches to formulary drug approval using a value based framework.



ACPE Webinar 3

Bridging the Gap: Understanding Health Literacy


Understanding health literacy is integral in providing quality care to a wide range of patients. In this webinar, Dr. Rebecca Fahrenbruch, will outline how pharmacists can identify literacy levels in patients and incorporate this into the patient-pharmacist interaction. Attendees will develop a broad understanding of health literacy, review examples and strategies for creating patient information, and be provided with suggestions on how to improve health literacy in practice.



ACPE Webinar 4

Mid-Career vs. Senior-Level for Careers - Changing Pathways

Dr. Dina Dumercy McHenry is the Director of Pharmacy at Miami Cancer Institute of Baptist Health South Florida and has over 15 years of experience in practicing Hematology Oncology in various roles. In this webinar, she will speak about her career path and provide resources for attendees looking to advance their career. Attendees can expect to develop tools for examining and developing a career path at every stage in their career.





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