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Best of 2018 - John G Kuhn Keynote Lecture

Best of 2018 - John G Kuhn Keynote Lecture


Ross Camidge, MD PhD

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In the last 10 years two revolutions have occurred in the treatment of lung cancer, particularly nonsmall-cell lung cancer: the personalized medicine revolution and the immunotherapy revolution. Each has led to a boom in U.S. Food and Drug Administration drug approvals and National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommendations. But with each development have come lessons to be learned about side effects, acquired resistance, drug interactions, gaps in our clinical development strategies, and how these two revolutions overlap. As we keep patients with advanced lung cancer alive longer, we are turning the condition into a chronic disease, with the need to manage multiple co-occurring independent and dependent disease-related and iatrogenic conditions at the same time. In addition, we now have to take on some of the challenges of maintaining normality in someone who wants to continue living life to the fullest despite having advanced cancer. The teamwork of pharmacists and medical oncologists in research and standard of care has never been more important.

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