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Best of 2018 - Biomarkers for Immunotherapy

Best of 2018 - Biomarkers for Immunotherapy


R. Donald Harvey, PharmD BCOP FCCP FHOPA

Jacob K. Kettle, PharmD BCOP

Josiah Land, PharmD BCOP

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Since the advent of novel immunotherapy agents, ushered in by ipilimumab, patient selection using assays to predict response has evolved. Some, but not all, checkpoint inhibitors are accompanied by a requirement to test tumor biopsy material for expression of a relevant marker (programmed deathligand 1 [PD-L1]) prior to initiation; however, even agents in the same class have differing requirements based on tumor type. Additional biomarkers beyond PD-L1, including genomic measures and other immune-based targets, may also help to stratify populations for improved response. However, some have argued that testing is globally unnecessary because of responses in patients shown to be negative for the biomarker of interest. This session will explore how different biomarkers that predict activity in a given patient or population are used, including their benefits and limitations. Characteristics of assay performance will be discussed, as well as how laboratory, tissue collection, and clinical and treatment variables may influence results. Finally, discussion of debates about the clinical use of microsatellite instability in broad populations and PD-L1 interpretation across non-small-cell lung cancer patients will highlight clinical challenges in checkpoint inhibitor use.

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