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Insight into Cytokine Release Syndrome

This session will describe CRS as a potential complication of cancer immune-based therapies, discuss the most common medications associated with CRS, and describe the pathophysiology and clinical manifestation of CRS. The grading of CRS and treatment options will also be discussed.


Content Area: Patient Management & Therapeutics


How Do I Treat Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis?

HLH is a rare, life-threatening syndrome of the immune system that requires prompt recognition and commencement of treatment. This presentation will review the pathophysiology, classification, and diagnosis of this syndrome. Evidence-based treatment strategies will be reviewed, with a focus on treatment of adults, for which there are currently no guidelines. Case-based examples will be discussed, along with supportive care and future research.


Content Area: Patient Management & Therapeutics



Product Details:

Insight into Cytokine Release Syndrome


Speaker: Larry Buie, PharmD BCOP


Learning Objectives:

1.      Identify medications associated with cytokine release syndrome (CRS).

2.      Describe the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations ...

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